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  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    Hello many might not know me cause I've usually been playing with the European fellas.

    Tough in all seriousness I suggested in the CDT whatsapp group that what if we had a CDT event?
    The only things I've been doing with the clan is playing with fellas I've found in online and on ts.

    What if we would take it 1 step further this time?
    With a set of rules we would organize a tournament inside CDT (mainly our own players). We could have people casting and streaming the event and maybe raise some awareness of the clan and if we get some new members that's always a good thing. :D

    What I'm trying to say is that it would be nice to have some kind of event that comes around every now and then... If u guys like it ofc :D

    If any1 is interested in helping of just in joining just post something, tell me what you think, and we'll see what happends :D

    Have a good day
  • Teach
    Teach wrote:
    We have tried to organize an event like that. It was just a 3v3 tournament, and it didnt work out. I like the idea, but i dont think it would work with the current community that well. We would have to grow a little bit more first
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    I would really enjoy something around these lines. Seems like a great idea. I wouldn't mind supporting you with your idea!

  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    In order for it to work you have to be dedicated and you have to willing to run after people.

    Organization skills at level 9000.

    I believe it is something that can work but our community needs to be involved.  

    Growing and dragging people online is the first step, if you see a fellow CDT member playing a game, msg them on Steam to come onto TS.  Whether you play the same game or know them, we are a family and we need everyone online all the time to look more attractive to new players/members.
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    Make a good format like 1v1 or 5v5 CD or reverse CM with a good schedule and it will work
  • CDT | P-Mac
    CDT | P-Mac wrote:
    I can throw a team together to rock this shit...I'll even get with Kris about offering up some prizes (in game items).
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:

    It has to be lucrative in order to get the masses involved.
  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    I've already gotten a couple of teams that want to play
    so this will probably happen in october

    Caesar Will u be joining with a team? :D

  • Teach
    Teach wrote:
    I'm impressed.
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    I am always up for a game

    You just tell me who needs an extra
  • Tom Pritchard
    Tom Pritchard wrote:
    Caesar Ill join you on that ;) Leaders together after all

  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    And apparently we have the start of a team... 
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    i am game but we must not let it sink into the afk abyss like the 3v3 tourney
  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    OK my exams are over will start working on the turnament
    post coming later on

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