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  • DbnGirl
    DbnGirl wrote:
    Hey guys,

    CDT is under construction and we need your help!

    We as a community are looking to spread our wings and make a whole lot of noise doing it! What this means is we hope to grow in the coming year and hopefully get into the competitive scene. By doing this we need your help.

    There are going to be quite a few positions up for grabs within the community. These positions are not full time jobs that you have to focus on all the time. You can still have fun and enjoy the full experience of CDT but still be the helping hand we need.

    If you are interested in applying please PM me on the website or on TS. Tell me a bit about you, how old you are and what kind of things you would be good at. 

  • Trevor
    Trevor wrote:
    Sure I am interested. We can talk about the details on TS to night or when you are online.

  • Jack
    Jack wrote:
    Yeah I am more than happy to help out
  • Teddzz
    Teddzz wrote:
    I am willing too... I want to contribute to the CDT community... I want to help a lot..
  • DbnGirl
    DbnGirl wrote:
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the replies!!! I will definitely get hold of everyone soon. Please remember to leave me your ts name so i can easily identify you :D
  • WolfShadownight
    Its been a bit, but its about time I saddled back up and come on around once again, sign me up 
  • Flavio Montes
    Flavio Montes wrote:
    I'm interested to help you guys, my name in TS is IncaBlood
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    Hello all!
    I mean why not :D
    have really enjoyed my stay here and I'm willing to help
    Ts/steam name : Schubbe
  • Mr_Chillington
    I would love to and I love you all but I have a business that requires all my time and energy.
    Sorry <3
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    fuck whoever put password on ts!!!
  • DbnGirl
    DbnGirl wrote:
    password is 1
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    A little late but still appreciated
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    not exactly a hard password chlenix :P
    why are you never online!

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