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  • Phenixe
    Phenixe wrote:
    -Denying a creep while using warlock's fatal bond can will NOT lead to suicide. So Warlock gets the kill
    - If you use sand king's caustic finale on a Meepo (If the Meepo has low enough health you will get separate gold and (depending on the number of Meepos) separate kills. Ex. 5 Meepos you get 5 kills and 5 times the gold
    -Beast Master's wild axes will follow him across the map if he relocates with wisp. Ex. the axes acts as a boomerang and comes back in a straight line hitting anything in his way. Not a useful skill be a fun fact none the less.
    -Life Stealer and Rubic can infest in the same creep.
    -Witch doctor's ult (death ward) can deny allied heros including himself.
    -Bristle back will take less damage from an enemy while facing away from that enemy. this includes all moves such as doom's and Zeus's ult.and the last one for now
    -Rubic (if he stole spirit breaker's charge) will keep charging toward the targeted unit even if he dies mid charge.
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    very interested, thanks dude :)

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