Dawngate? What is that? Some kind of... Morning gate?

Posted by Toyz on 9. Mai 2014

No. No it is not.
Dawngate is  LoL (League of Legends) inspired MOBA. It has just recently gone into open beta. With very limited "Shaper" pool (Shaper is like a Hero in Dota) the game can get very repetitive at times, and with all of the constant gameplay updates, your profile settings are never really saved. However, when a gameplay update does happen, we get a new shaper (usually, not 100% of the time). Now of course there are the typical types of "Skins", shoot there are even ward skins, and even upgrades. 
These upgrades are a lot different then all other games, they are based around drops you get from playing, which eventually lead up into bigger and better versions of the smaller ones.

The better you do in a game, and the more friendly you are, is what your destiny is based around. 
Those lead up to the treasures shown in the below picture, which is how you can get your loadout gear. 
Now for the Shapers,
The Shapers themselves, are based around 6 different groups which all have sub-groups. These main groups include:
Ranged Carries, Bruisers, Mages, Tanks, Assassins, and Supports.
Ranged Carries are what you would expect, high burst damage.
Bruisers are better known as melee carries.
Mages are you know, physical damage dealers in this game. Well when I say that they acually do have physical damage spells.
Tanks, can easily all be supports and junglers.
Assassins, mainly based around killing early so they can scale off of items late game.
Supports, If you are a gamer you should know what this is. 
Now you are probably asking by now. Why should I play this game? Well here is your answer-

Its one of the main reasons this game is known for being different. Its 2 lanes with 4 capture points, and a all mighty beast in the middle. The game is typically 2 Tacticians 1-2 Gladiators/Predators, and 1 Hunter.
Okay Toyz, now what are you rambling about.
This- This- This- And this-
These are the Role system in this game. While you are picking your shaper you can pick what role you want, and each Role has a basic buff. 
Ranged: Gain gold for getting creeps, chain can be broke after about 8 seconds.
Melee: (Gets Raged buff as well as this) when missing a creep, is stack up to 3 times, and when you kill a creep, you get bonus vim. 
Gain gold for dealing damage to enemy Shapers
Hunter- Gain more gold and deal more damage to jungle creeps. 
Predator- Gain more gold for kills and assists. 
These Roles can be game changing, but at the same time hurt if not used right.
Dawngate, in my opinion needs some work, but for a little over a year of production, it is a great game.
Signed, Toyz. 



  • MGMT

    nice read toyz, it does look interesting. i was literally thinking WHAT IN ALL GODS NAME IS THAT FUCKING MAP, so you got it pretty spot on.

    10 May 2014
  • Connor BS

    Dear God, if the enemy shapers gain the power of the hypercube shape, everything we know will be destroyed! nice read, you may have swayed me to try it out!

    09 May 2014

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