Recruitment Strategy @ 21:30GMT

Recruitment Strategy @ 21:30GMT

Hosted by: Jigglypuffff


I know this is very short notice(12hrs) but I have been sick the last few days and felt like Death Awaited me(pun on my name DeathAwaits for those who dont know) :P

I do want to get this ball rolling as soon as possible though. I hope that each recruiter does make it because we need to lay down a recruitment strategy.
I have points ready to discuss along with my own ideas - however we are a team and your ideas might be better so do feel free to set a few minutes aside today if you havent already of how you would like to move forward in your designated zones of recruitment.

Just to repeat myself...I hope that everyone can attend as I feel that we as a recruitment team dont know eachother very well, so it would be nice to familiarise ourselves with eachother.

I will also extend an invite to our Manager(MGMT), Tom(GumBum), Steven(CaesarRex) and our Financial Controller. Whose each individual attendance would be much appreciated.



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