2015 and Beyond

Posted by CaesarRex on 30. Des 2014

Another year almost at its end and CDT goes into round 6. The year past promised many things and with it came a lot of BS but we saw through it. We saw many new faces come and go, albeit mostly South Africans and to be honest it was all for the better. It always comes down to just a few things when new members join up and that is if they find someone they can relate to and if they have a good time. Without this recruits tend to fall to the way-side. That being said we cannot hold every bodies hand while we try to grow our small little piece of the internet.

For those that continue to stick it through and form lasting friendships, I say thank you. Things from my side have become a little busier however everyday I check to see how things are going, who is online, who is playing. Who may be AFK or returning. Who decided to join or take off their tags!

All in all I hope to make some changes in the new year and set everything on a more prosperous course. As long as we having fun... I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year and may you all have a wonderful 2015.


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