And so the journey begins...

Posted by CaesarRex on 20. Okt 2014

You may have had the opportunity to have a game with that guy from Finland. Mr Teach as I like to refer to him. You may have even watched a few of his games or checked out his YouTube channel. The sad part is that he is starting a new journey and looking toward a more serious career in Dota 2. I only hope that when he does hit it big, he does not forget his roots(us) and the amazing two years he spent with us. Our youngest captain in our first league he has definitely shown the potential to do great things. We wish him the best on his way.

I will truly miss knowing he was around, invaluable as a mentor to some of our players as well as a recruiter and moderator, he has always shown great leadership that will only benefit him as he heads down his chosen path. He will always be welcome and hopefully some day soon we will have him with us again. :)

Good Luck and Have Fun Teach.

Caesar Rex and the rest of CDT



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    Lets all have some feels now

    02 November 2014
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