Rome 2 and the Multiplayer campaign that is EGBear and Caesar - Part 1

Posted by CaesarRex on 15. Sep 2014

This is the first instalment keeping your up to date with the progress of our Multiplayer Campaign in Rome 2 Total War.  

Rome - Caesar Rex
Egypt - EvilGummyBear

The year 270BC, fledgling town Rome is expanding its borders south with just two settlements to the north that stands in its way to a unified Rome.  The Etruscans thus far have proven worthy foes and will not be an easy neighbor to bend to Romes rule.  
In the South the Ptolomeys' have their own problems, as much as the African countries do not seem aggressive they are not eager to have their lands taken away by Greek self proclaimed Pharaoh.  

Focusing on his neighbors Egypt quicky moves west taking control of key Mediterranean Ports strengthening in foothold in Africa, Its army both aggressive and swift make quick of the towns defences quickly eliminating any who does not bow to the Pharaoh.  Meanwhile in the north Rome struggles battle after battle against the Etruscan League.  After gaining ground in Velathrii, the Etruscans rallied to Ariminum where they would make their last stand.  As Rome readied her forces the Etruscan League took the opportunity to push Rome's forces south as they defeated the II Legion on Roman soil.  
Back in Egypt the young Pharaoh took too the seas with his army and looked to Corsica.  Eliminating Carthage was on everyones tongue.  Recognising an ally, Egypt sided with Rome against Carthage in an all out war.  

Rome managing to push back the Etruscans secured the final town of Ariminum putting the rebels to the sword, crucifying every man to lift a sword against the might of Rome.  Just as Egypt put sword to Alalia so the Nasamones creep up on Egypts newly captured towns. Liberators in the night they make quick of the towns defences and move from town to town on a path to Alexandria.  The Pharaoh in debt from his campaigns abroad looks to his allies for gold.  If Alexandria falls he will be the one to loose Egypt, gifted to his forefather by legacy of the great Alexander.

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  • MGMT

    nice, looking forward to more updates. multiplayer campaign is such a good idea!

    14 September 2014

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