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Posted by Connor BS on 1. Sep 2014

This is based on a chat for the clan in What's App. Kris was bored and asked to be entertained, so Caesar being the nice typed into google "How to entertain" and one of google's suggestion's was "How to entertain a girl". Searching this, The first result was a wikihow. So for fun, I will use the picture for each step and, using the photos alone, determine what the steps are.

Warning: The following is extreme chauvinistic and do not portray the feelings or attitudes of any person here, merely this article is trying to determine the what these illustrations are trying to portray.

Images found at: http://www.wikihow.com/Entertain-a-Girl

Entertain a Girl Step 1 Version 2.jpg
Step 1: Wooh a woman with your masculine charm. Also, when you have a chance, make sure to grab the crotch region to make sure 'she' isn't actually a 'he'.

Entertain a Girl Step 2 Version 2.jpg

Step 2: Make her drive you to places. Women like to be useful. Just remember, you will be in the car with a woman driver, so make sure you support her while driving. Try clapping every time she does something correctly, like turning on your indicator before turning.

Entertain a Girl Step 3 Version 2.jpg

Step 3: Take her shopping for clothes. Your clothes to be exact. Women are crazy about buying clothes. Have her buy you the clothes, she will respect you more when you are commanding.

Entertain a Girl Step 4 Version 2.jpg

Step 4: Steal her mobile devices. The more you can know about her, the better.

Entertain a Girl Step 5 Version 2.jpg

Step 5: Take her to a remote location. Blindfold her there is no chance of her finding your place/cabin/murder house or the way back to her car. This is also a good time to smell her hair.

Entertain a Girl Step 6 Version 2.jpg

Step 6: Women like chores and house work. This doubles as free labour for you, and fun for your date. When she is working, never make eye contact with her. This will make her want you more while wondering how you could be so mysterious, and what exactly are you looking at.

Entertain a Girl Step 7 Version 2.jpg

Step 7: Distract her with your masculine charm. This is where the eye contact happens, women are suckers for eye contact, and withholding it all day will make it work like a charm. Distract her from her drink and slip in something to loosen her up.

Entertain a Girl Step 8 Version 2.jpg

Step 8: Wait

Entertain a Girl Step 9 Version 2.jpg

Step 9: When she has finally passed out, that's your cue that she is ready. This is how women tell you they like you. Let the mood of the room dictate your actions at this point.

Entertain a Girl Step 10 Version 2.jpg

Step 10: If she is upset about last night, or troubled about not remembering anything, strong action and words are needed to keep her interested. Phrases like "Nothing happened when you passed out, don't be paranoid" or "Are you a crazy b**** all the time, or only on your period?" are ones to let her know that nothing weird or wrong happened last night.



  • MGMT

    thanks for the advice? i never saw this before :D

    28 January 2015
  • CaesarRex

    You had to be there

    02 September 2014
  • InsaneHobo

    Too long; didn't read.

    31 August 2014
  • Connor BS

    I did minor editing in an attempt to try and be decent about it. Also made it funnier I think

    30 August 2014
  • CaesarRex

    This was nothing like what we had... don't edit the convo man. Stay true! And if you too are interested in getting in on the chat - let me know and we can hook you up

    30 August 2014

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