CDT For Me

Posted by Tom Pritchard on 6. Jun 2014

CDT is basically a big bunny rabbit.

You weren't expecting that now were you? But seriously it is. It's fun and friendly, it's bouncy and sometimes it bites a little. It's not always the most attractive fluent thing in the world but it's always smiling and it's always welcoming.

It's hard to believe it's existed for 5 years now. To think of what it's become is quite incredible. It's certainly exceeded my expectations. When we first set up this clan it was meant to be a small group of likeminded individuals playing some relatively little-known games to a shockingly poor standard.

The changes this clan have gone though have been substantial and extensive. But they've worked.To advance from getting our bums kicked in dota 1 to the recent successes the clan has had in competitive play (DGL) would be incredible enough but you can add to that the enormous growth in the membership and the fantastic atmosphere in teamspeak. These evolutions are at least 80% down to CaesarRex and I think he deserves an awful lot of praise and respect for what he's put into this clan.

The best bit about these changes is that every one of them, the games, the new friends, everything, has been driven by the people. You, me and every other member, we've all created what you see before you and I think that's something pretty unique.

As it's such a big landmark in the clans history I thought I'd share some of the best times I've seen in the clan.

1. Proxzee owning all of us with troll warlord in Dota 1 to the point that he was banned from playing it before banning heroes was cool.
2. Deathawaits and his crazy go-go style, if you haven't experienced a game with Patrick at his electric best you should try to catch him when he's online.
3. Spending hours dancing around what appears to everybody else to be a perfectly flat map with Caesar in Rome to find the slightest, almost invisible rise in terrain, perhaps a hangover from our early days as the earliest form of the Dream Team in OTD.
4. Nero at his infuriatingly abusive best, I'm yet to meet somebody Nero can't get under the skin of and anger to an entertaining point.
5. Connor helping me with my university work at stupid'o'clock in the morning for him, a typical action for one of the most helpful individuals I think I've ever met.
6. Hours spent on HoN with Jackmarsh slowly making our way up the MMR ladder despite what appeared to be a concerted effort to give us teammates unable to rub 2 brain cells together between them.
7. MGMT dominating Dota with Bane Elemental, MG originally struggled a bit with Dota but when he found his hero, boy did he find it.
8. Caesars now fiancé chasing us around the original Dota with Drow Ranger. She's rare to find online now but god was it funny watching a bunch of "gamer" guys being slaughtered by a lady.

To finish my ramble I think it's worth noting that just like every memory above, every change this clan has gone through has been driven by a person. That's what makes CDT what it is. Us.



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