A Letter to CDT

Posted by Connor BS on 30. Mai 2014

Hello again,

It's ConnorBS here. I have been in here for almost three years now (2 years and however many months) and I was asked to write about my time here. It started while I was playing Heroes of Newerth (HoN). A loud, enjoyable Irish man with the name Jigglypuffff was chatting and saying all kinds of things over the mic ingame. This friend request lead to meeting EvilGummyBear and the likes over the course of a few weeks. A short time after, I timidly joined CDT through the HoN client. Myself, not being a person who believes that people actually enjoy talking to me, they merely suffer through it, was more often than not hiding from the clan I joined. I only logged onto Teamspeak when directly invited to a match. After slowly warming up to the people in CDT, and bringing a few HoN friends with me for backup, I became a regular on teamspeak.

I believe I took a 1-3 month break after awhile, but promptly got back on and started to connect to the others on teamspeak.

Through my time here in the clan, I have gotten to know quite a few of you, yet it seems I am always being introduced to Nightmares that haven't been on in years. CaesarRex has asked me to keep this short, as he knows I am prone to ramblings and long winded discussions(you should see the rough draft). It has been a pleasure to meet each and every one of you; I hope to meet all the other Nightmares hidden away on the internet, and the other CDT members we haven't found yet.

For those new to the clan, I know how strange and uncomfortable this is. Seeing a bunch of people in Teamspeak just chatting and not knowing who to approach. I was there. Just know that you can approach anyone of us, but you should definitely try talking to Nightmares and Admins first. Some of us are soft and kind, and others may be hard and crusty, but they all care for their clan mates and they are all “good" people I have come to learn. Sometimes you may feel insulted or hurt at comments for a poor game, or someone takes a jab at you for whatever reason, and I am sorry that that has happened, but I truly believe it is more often than not due to the type of bond that many of us share together. A brotherly bond through gaming and like mindedness. I feel that joining CDT is more of entering a brotherhood than an organization. We care for those around us, but we aren't afraid of giving each other an Indian burn(or something less racist) for the times we feel they stepped out.

I hope to help build a wonderful community in this little piece of the net where people can feel at ease and able to communicate with each other, and hopefully play some games together. I hope we continue to build up our populace and start making some international 'waves' sometime soon.

Thanks for being my long suffering clan mates!



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