Wildstar? What is that?

Posted by Toyz on 30. Apr 2014

Wildstar. Wildstar is a MMO, one of the newest and most "hyped" about. I have played this (In the closed Beta) for a good few hours and their are many flaws about this game that I would like to talk about. But it still is a game with great potential. 
World of Warcraft inspired, but with "telegraphs" (Kind of like guild wars 2, but you can see it more)
Class systems are large and they have special shards. (Trees of what you do)
Housing system. You can make your own house.
And finally, there is a lot of hype. Hype is wanted around these part of the internet. 

Very laggy for lower computers (Such as myself)
Needs a lot of tutorial improvement. I got lost very quickly. 
Having to choose a side so you may play with your friend can be a bit tedious. But, its fun at the same time.

MMOs are things I would like to get into, but for a 15 year old like me its hard to.
Now, good luck have fun!



  • Mr_Chillington

    I really need a razer naga or something similar it would be so helpful for this game.

    04 June 2014
  • Mr_Chillington

    So I have been playing around in this game for the past few days and playing with the classes and what not and i must say that this game gets pretty intense while in combat. I find myself getting sucked into this game and hours fly by there is a lot to do in this game and thank god that there are add-ons to help with questing cuz I am not a quest-er but even I can not help but enjoy this game a-lot.

    04 June 2014
  • Mr_Chillington

    I played it through out all the betas, It's fun but you need a beefy computer to play it. I can see the game improving into the future. Raids in this game are pretty fun and i like the combat system but it needs some tweaking.

    12 May 2014
  • MGMT

    nice review toyz, not my kinda game but our other members may be interested :)

    30 April 2014

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