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Posted by CaesarRex on 8. Apr 2014

Seven Twenty-Five in the evening, the sun has settled over the mountain and I am sitting in front of my pc wondering how further to inspire and motivate so many different personalities, keeping members coming back to the website and sticking around and get involved.

So here is a short list of a few things you can do to get truly involved in creating the community we all can be proud of.  
**Product and Game Reviews
**Useful Item Builds or Strategies
**Local and International Clan Reviews (Professional and Non-professional Teams)
**Sponsor Profiles
**Event Reviews

Now if any of you are remotely interested in writing and seeing it on the website please feel free to do so, simply click on your profile at the top and find the "Blog" button.
From there click >New Post and start tapping away at your keyboard.  Add a picture as it really brings out the article when its posted on either the Home Page, From our Members' Page or the Events Page.

Do not forget after checking and double checking for all those pesky spelling mistakes, you can publish the article.  This will make it available to all for reading.  

**Those that are interested in doing Product Reviews please contact me prior so we can ensure it does not affect our sponsors negatively.  



  • Wr[A]TH

    across from Opeth is a EMPTY seat :<<<

    13 April 2014
  • Connor BS

    Opeth, check out "From our Members" section

    09 April 2014
  • Opeth

    Nice photo! Who's that handsome guy in the red shirt ? (-_^) Very interested to read about the "Useful item builds or Strategies" Good post

    09 April 2014

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