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Posted by Connor BS on 2. Apr 2014

The dust has settled, and the scores are in. The DGL 2014 Summer Leg, for many, was the first league environment they were exposed to. Even though none of us were able to make it to the breakthrough playoffs, many of us got close, and for that, we should be proud. If we all learned something, it's that the strength of the team is dependent on how well they communicate and understand each other (also, ban Silencer, nobody wants to deal with him).

Here are the Team Results.

Group D:

Three-way Tie for 4th
11 games, 6 wins, 29 points

This group, formed in the last second and squeezed themselves into the DGL, showed the clan that improvement does happen. Their first couple matches were rough, they were on the ropes, but they didn't disbanded! They kept with it and were able to make to a three-way tie for 4th.

AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
CDT | SneakyPhuckingRussianCaptain (Manager)Francois Kotze22 years Pretoria
CDT | BraveVice-CaptainDwayne 26 years JHB
CDT | K9`PlayerHilton Stassen22 years Capetown
CDT | NINT3kPlayerRuann Botes26 years Johannesburg
CDT | OpethPlayerIstvan Swart21 years Cape Town
CDT | SiQn3sSPlayerAshley Newnum24 years PE
CDT | LIQUID DREAMReserveAntonio Criscuolo15 years johannesburg

Group E:

Tied for 9th
9 games, 1 wins, 12 points

Fulcrum had quite a few wins under their belt in comparison to what you see currently. They were plagued by 6 teams retiring within their group, many of which they had already played. Group E and Group P are tied with the largest amount of retirees within the DGL. Even if they have a relatively low win ratio within the DGL, we know that they are a sleeper cell in the upcoming leg. The phrase, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics" fits quite well here. Armed with some great experience, these guys are going to be a force to watch out for in the Winter Leg!

AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
CDT | Kr`mm`LCaptainLouise van der Lith23 years Centurion
CDT | PhenixeVice-Captain (Manager)Christopher Erasmus22 years Pretoria
CDT | DeathlokPlayerJacques Boshoff26 years Greytown
CDT | PriestPlayerJonathan Mills24 years Benoni
CDT | ZantetjiePlayerZanté Heymans21 years Pretoria
CDT | GundamwolfReserveWim Botha24 years Vredendal
CDT | NKK989ReserveLouis van Rooyen26 years Greytown
CDT | NuknaReserveHentie Paxton22 years Randburg

Group F:
CDT_Ergo Proxy

12 games, 8 wins, 36 points

Ergo Proxy had the most wins within the clan for this league, but not enough for 3rd. This international team learned a great many things within the DGL, like: Timezones, if you give a Crystal gold, expect a Shadow Blade or Desolator(or both), and EvilGummyBear will buy an infinite amounts of reavers if left unchecked, saying "I had the gold for it anyways". Through difficulties being an international team, and the DGL still not having a British flag, Ergo Proxy was able to put on a strong show for those who watch. Whether or not this team returns for another leg is up in the air, but if they do stay, they will be a team to keep an eye on.
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
CDT | TeachCaptainAtte Kankkunen16 years Helsinki
CDT | ConnorBSVice-Captain (Manager)Connor Stewart23 years Hanover
CDT | MGMTSenior PlayerAshley Page21 years Flitwick
CDT | NefroelPlayerTarik Foteev20 years Moscow
CDT | Re-l MayerPlayerSandra 23 years Bayern
CDT | EvilGummyBearReserveThomas Pritchard21 years London
CDT | Frost NovaReserveHentrell Henderson21 years Chicago
CDT | ZebraSnake420ReserveKristoffer 18 years

Group F:
R>R TinkleReapers

12 games, 2 win, 18 points

This group of hardworking gamers, though they did not win many games, they learned many things about themselves, and the competitive scene. We are happy to have them join our ranks, and their team will be going through an overhaul (name included). We hope to see them band together again, and show off all that they have learned through the summer leg!
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
CDT | Tisztiszolga(R>R)Captain (Manager)Zachariah Bundred21 years Pretoria
CDT | Vleisdas(R>R)PlayerMauritz du Plessis23 years Kempton Park
CDT | ACE R3@P3R(R>R)ReserveDanie Swart24 years sasolburg
CDT | BloodLust Bastard(R>R)ReserveJACQUES Schwartz22 years bloemfontein
CDT | Bubba(R>R)ReserveNathanael De Wet30 years Pretoria
CDT | Dali's Llama(R>R)ReserveDawie de Klerk27 years Cape Town
CDT | Dee_Structor(R>R)ReserveDewald Esterhuizen29 years Pretoria
CDT | Queen Arachna(R>R)ReserveMonita Drotsky20 years
CDT | R@pp3rDuck13(R>R)ReserveJeandre Mare39 years Johannesburg
CDT | Seeker(R>R)ReserveErich 36 years Johannesburg
CDT | z3r0_grav1ty(R>R)ReserveFranco Venter19 years

Group G:

Tied for 6th
10 games, 4 wins, 22 points

Team Entropy, possibly the coolest name out there(or soon to be), and showed that they had a long way to go to live up to their name. My poor jokes aside, they played well. They played so well that their opponents shortly retired, taking away those much desired points. We hope to see them come out on top in the next leg, and maybe not win so hard that they put doubt in their opponent's minds and disbanded shortly after.
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
CDT | Gunsling3rCaptainDouglas Ross26 years Pretoria
CDT | FixconVice-CaptainEspen Husaas24 years Mogreina
CDT | CaesarRexSenior Player (Manager)Steven Brooks35 years Cape Town
CDT | FudgePlayerMax Hahn19 years Cape Town
CDT | SlinkyPlayerRyan 21 years Nelspruit/Pretoria
CDT | Fr0d0ReserveRyan McClean20 years Cape Town
CDT | M3THReserveSteve Botes31 years Johannesburg
CDT | Wr[A]THReserveMathew Hunter23 years cape town

Thanks for all those who participated! Let's see if we can dominate the Winter leg!



  • Tom Pritchard

    Ergo Proxy FTW! Seriously though wp to everyone!

    13 April 2014
  • Wr[A]TH

    but why so much hate towards me :< im dendi pro

    08 April 2014
  • Wabbachlen

    And btw i am trying to be realistic... :D

    07 April 2014
  • Wabbachlen

    Team consists of 5 players, having subs is just not fair to the subs, instead if you are missing a player during a game get a freaking standin...

    07 April 2014
  • Connor BS

    Oh boy, Wabba making friends I see :D. You can be a sub in wabba's fantasy Dota Team Wr[a]th! Right wabba? XD

    07 April 2014
  • Teach

    ... xD

    07 April 2014
  • Wabbachlen

    Wrath i only stated the 4 best players currently in this clan + fudge who could probably fit as a 5th player although he still has a lot to learn, idk about 420's role but he with a little bit of practice would probably be able to play on the same level...And btw no offense :) this is just my opinion

    07 April 2014
  • Wr[A]TH

    why am i exclude wabbachlen

    07 April 2014
  • Connor BS

    Just a reminder for all teams to submit your roster into dgl for every game played, or face the consequences from dgl admins.

    07 April 2014
  • Wabbachlen

    If we played in with the following roster the results would be amazing (Teach, Hobo, Connor, Fudge and myself) gg wp to the guys that played and congratz on the great results :D

    04 April 2014
  • MGMT

    well played to all, onwards and upwards!

    03 April 2014
  • CaesarRex

    I look forward to the next leg and hope that all our teams will be ready!

    03 April 2014

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