Week 3 and change is in the air

Posted by CaesarRex on 20. Feb 2014

With the Valentines Cup behind us we definitely have a lot to fight for still in the DGL Arena.  Both Gunslinger and Teach have both suffered a loss in reecent weeks but both have a chance to redeem in the following days to come.  Entropy have their game scheduled for Sunday whereas Teach and Ergo proxy are playing tonight, this could push Ergo Proxy into second place in their group if they can secure the win.  

Fulcrum have yet to play their games for this week so we could see a jump in their standing.  We do look forward to what they have in store for us.  As for TinkleReapers, our new team in the DGL, they still have a lot to do to get their win/loss ratio to 50%.  Still in their early stages and developing much like the riddlers who are still trying to find their groove after a rough start to the DGL.  

Remember the most important factor is to stay positive and work toward finishing the leg.  We have an awesome bunch of players and its on everyone to maintain a high standard.  Good luck to everyone as the week passes halfway.

TeamGames PlayedStandingWin/LossPoints
Ergo Proxy44th3/113



  • Crayon

    How i have missed all of this. Remembering the old days on Dota 1 lol good times hope to get a pc that can handle Dota 2 now so i can join you guys. :P

    22 February 2014
  • Connor BS

    This might just be me, but i like to win! Best of luck to everyone in your following matches, let's see were we can rank!

    20 February 2014
  • Fudge

    Yeah win or lose this is a jol... Though winning is nice...

    20 February 2014
  • MGMT

    excited for our game :D

    20 February 2014
  • BloodLust

    double like this post lolz...

    20 February 2014
  • Teach

    After all it's all about having fun!

    20 February 2014

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