Posted by CaesarRex on 18. Feb 2014

As mentioned we are changing the Ranking System within CDT.  As such we have a few position that need to be filled.  As it stands with a few members not being active we need to start looking desperately through our memberlist to fill these positions.  

Some of you have asked the question on how to become a Moderator and such, the enthusiasm is always noted however in order to achieve this a member needs to prove that they are here for the long haul, they help toward growing a stable and friendly community in every activity they participate and most importantly are active on the website and teamspeak.  

Without any further chit chat lets get to it.  Right now with the Nightmares and Leaders taking on a different role within the community and on Teamspeak we need a new Administrator.  This person will manage the Teamspeak and the members within.  As our community grows this role will become more daunting and as such every member has to do their part.  That being said, ConnorBS, Congratulations although I am not sure you will see it that way. :)

We still short on some Moderators to assist the Administrator, and as such this role will remain vacant until such time it can be filled.  Junior Moderators will include Toyz (It's now official), Spagonzo, Teach and Fixcon. They will join Jivi and TransmissionMan in this role.

Congrats to all and I look forward to our next bunch of promotions in the weeks to come.



  • Crayon

    Congrads on the promotions

    22 February 2014
  • Wr[A]TH

    what about me :< lol just playing gratz guys :)

    19 February 2014
  • CDT | Meth

    Congrats guys

    19 February 2014
  • MGMT

    dem changes ^^

    19 February 2014
  • Connor BS

    Congrats to everyone to be honest. This is just another one of dem changes we will be seeing as we continue to grow.

    19 February 2014
  • MGMT

    congrats Connor !

    19 February 2014

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