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  • Kr1mm1L
    Kr1mm1L wrote:
    Hi Guys,

    Thought it would be cool to find out which heroes you think are the worst?

    Please don't be noble and post stuff like... "Every hero has it's place, thus no hero is bad."

    The worst hero could be an OP hero, who makes you sick to the stomach or one you think is utterly useless.

    The hero I hate the most is the Ques Wex Invoker!
    Her requires no skill to play and renders entire teams useless MANAless without even trying.

  • Teach
    Teach wrote:
    Quas Wex invoker does need some skill to be played. Autoattack damage is so small in the beginning, that i makes last hitting and farming hard. He also has many spells which he has to use in order to be useful.

    And my most annoying hero in dota is ember spirit. He can be everywhere and still no where. He can also counter most spell casters with just one spell.
  • Fudge
    Fudge wrote:
    Quas Wex Invoker is actually quite easy with a starting claw of attack and one point in exort. Then you only build Quas Wex. Gives you a bit more spell choice in early teamfights while still giving you a strong tornado -> EMP combo. 

    Most annoying would have to be void. Hate how he can just decimate a team in 5 seconds as you watch, silently screaming... Plus it's your fault for letting him get that farmed :P...
  • InsaneHobo
    InsaneHobo wrote:
    I have lost countless games because some retard picks him and goes mid. But I guess I win games when the opposition picks him but still, he fucking sucks.
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    I think there are a few...

    Luna - BAN
    Void - BAN
    AM - BAN

    Basically if you not picking a team that can finish the game in 20- 25 minutes before those clumsy heroes get BKB and rape your face at 35 - 40 minutes its your own fault for letting them farm or not finishing before the 25 minute mark
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    something about a farmed slark grinds my gears, when he just holds you there and rapes your face
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    There are no bad/op heroes, just bad/op players... Just like me, whichever hero i pick i will still rape you ;) 
  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    I got to say I do hate BS since they made his thirst ability global and stack able.
    all tough there are meny heroes that are op depending on the situation and especially if you've fed em :D

  • N3XuS
    N3XuS wrote:
    Personally i think silencer is pretty much the worst hero i can be against. He has so many devastating spells, especially against risky players (which includes me..)
    Either he disarms or silences you..
    He can AoE burn most manapools in a matter of seconds, meanwhile dotting the hell out of people..
    He can fucking steal my intelligence!
    And just to top it all off, he has a fucking global silence!

    Furthermore silencer is VERY flexible, he can go almost anywhere, be any role (except for jungling), so in a CM game you never know which lane he is coming for, meaning you won't be able to counter him properly!
  • Shibbas
    Shibbas wrote:
    the worst hero is the ones that doesnt benefit much from dagon, like meepo and .. well i guess its only meepo
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    You know what they say about a Level 5 Dagon....

    "DAY GONE"

    ("They Gone" incase your slow)
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    Meepo is actually very good (dont hate on IT) and as i said there is only bad players not heroes :D
  • Shibbas
    Shibbas wrote:
    awesome connor, gonna use that everytime 
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    Wabbachlen.... really bro?

    Lets look at broodmother, wonder why she gets changed up every other patch?

  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    broodmother is good :P thats why she isnt allowed in captains mode, the problem with her is that she is not suitable hero for the metagame or pubs and she has to be changed to fit into meta. 
    Try playing her with dagon and eblade and you will see :)

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