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  • Mauritz
    Mauritz wrote:
    Hi guys

    I am quite new to CDT and I am really enjoying the whole community vibe of it! One thing I have realized though is the small community of players outside of Dota 2. 

    I rarely see the WoW players and I dont think there are any othe MMO players out there.

    Anyone and everyone out there, I am calling on you to put down your name and the MMO what you play so that we can maybe find our fellow players (if there are any).

    I will play EVE online and I am an ex-WoW player myself. other fairly new MMO's that I play are RIFT and War Thunder!

    Let the games begin!
  • InsaneHobo
    InsaneHobo wrote:
    ESO @InsaneHobo
  • Teach
    Teach wrote:
    WoW: Teachintopwn#2507 (main server is Argent Dawn)
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    We have lots of people playing lots of MMO's!

    Currently I am on a Gunz 2 binge, but I don't think anyone would use the word "Massive" in the descriptors.

    If it's free, I have/will probably played/play it.

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