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  • Kr1mm1L
    Kr1mm1L wrote:
    Hi Guys,

    I've been wondering about this topic and with the new head hunter/recruitment positions introduced, I thought this would be a good time to write the article.

    Basically it's about finding a players natural role, meaning that their play style and personality fits a role which they implement without even knowing it.

    We can all be handed a role, which we must master, by our captains/managers etc.
    We could be happy with that, but does that role fit you as a person and how did the captain and manager decide to put you into that role?

    I think the way teams are spawned, is by someone saying..."Hey, I'm a good carry. Maybe I should start a team?"
    They will then proceed to post threads stating that they are looking for a few support players and maybe a mid?

    This isn't always the case, but I suspect that it's always something along those lines.
    I don't want to create a huge article about suggesting how to create a team, but rather how to build a superior team out of the resources available to you. Looking at your players play style and personality.

    We need to create a fixed process where new recruits and even current members could go through to either "discover" your role or show recruiters how you perform in a role.
    These results could then be compared to other players to find the better player.

    Currently the only methods we have to our disposal are to test for carry and mid lane potential, and maybe supports.

    On each of the following roles/positions we can do the following tests:
    To get most of these stats, we need to play numerous games, which take quite a lot of time.

    * Last Hit/Deny statistics
    * Determine if the player can actually carry a team and do they know where they should be in team fights
    * How does the player act during or before a team fight.
    * Dotabuff.com statistics to check game averages and records.

    * Last Hit/Deny statistics
    * Let recruits play mid only, mirror mode to determine the better player. This will need to be done with various heroes to get a more accurate result. This will also show how players control runes and their average aggressiveness. 
    * Play a few games with them, to determine whether they are the type of player that will move to gank side lanes and how effective that are at it.

    4/5 Support:
    * How does the player stack/pull effectively on both radiant and dire.
    * Where are the player's GOTO ward spots, we all have a natural spot to place wards.
    * How often does the player ward?
    * Will the player exclude himself from team fights to rather plant wards?
    * Is it basic instinct for the player to buy courier, smoke, wards and support items like Eul's or     Guinsoo?
    * Will the player look after himself or the team regarding spells and item priority?
    * Does the player know how to exclude himself from experience range and initiate ganks?

    I feel that the players and their play style decide your teams strategy, for example.
    * Players that love items and don't play aggressive will result in 40min games.
    * Players that are extremely aggressive, but love items will result in shorter games, but more lost fights? 

    Basically it all comes down to how aggressive a player is, how they prioritise items and sacrifice position/advantage to save a teammate.

    Here I've mentioned a few roles and checks I do to determine a player's role, but this system takes a lot of games and time.

    I would like to hear your suggestions on how we can decrease the time needed to determine a player's role and also how to effectively compare player A to player B.

  • Kr1mm1L
    Kr1mm1L wrote:
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    Pretty indepth KrimmiL, I noticed the 4/5 on the Support section. Many members of our clan do not realize that that is in refrence of farm order and role within team. It's a little old, but people should check this out for a basic run down HERE

    quick summary

    1-Carry (most important)
    2-Usually Mid (usually builds initiation and survivability)
    3-Offlane (focuses on teamfight items, like pipe)
    4-Support (focuses on items like mech, and buys wards when 5 cannot, etc.)
    5-Hard support(wards, smokes, and couriors are the name of the game. You should be happy if you have 450 boots at 14 mins.)

    The highest number deserves the farm in the lane.


    Mid ganks for the offlaner. Mid, now in a new lane, has priority farm over 3.

    5 stacks and pulls lane. 4 wanders over to let the carry free farm an empty lane. 4 now has the privalage of last hitting every single jungle creep.

    Whatever lane a carry wonders into, he should now be doing the last hits (that includes you NP in the jungle, if the carry wants that minotaur, you better give him that minotaur)

  • Kr1mm1L
    Kr1mm1L wrote:
    Thanks for the reply connor.
    I didn't think about mentioning the 1-5 ranks, suppose it would be better fit in another thread.
    This and some basic knowledge which we all know, but have probably forgotten or forget to apply "under pressure".

    This being mentioned, I remembered that this must be the reason why nobody wants to support.
    Although supports can make or break a game, nobody wants to play the support because we all want items and kills.

    Although I agree giving the 1/2 Roles the kills and Exp so that they can carry the game faster is important, it is just as important to let supports get some shine.

    I've noticed that in the most where we're behind is because the supports couldn't get their Mek, Pipe, Mana boots, etc... before 10mins, which means that the supports don't really mean much, except for the one or two slows/stuns which they can't afford to miss. 

    Like you said, this chinese system is quite old, but it really does simplify the way we should think about our roles.
    My improvement on this system would be.
    1. Carry
    2. Mid
    3. Offlane
    3. Support
    3. Hard-Support.

    With the "new" meta fast paced games are in the order of the day, and letting your supports get some farm once in a while really speeds up everything.

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