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  • Schubbe
    Schubbe wrote:
    Hello all!

    If u haven't noticed custom game modes have appeared in dota2 now. This means you can actually play old classics lick pudge wars and warlock brawl and a lot more!

    Of course we need people for these game modes so that it would be as much fun as possible.

    To play custom game modes you need to download "Dota 2 workshop tools alpha"
    Here is a step by step guide on how to get it installed.
    1. Open steam
    2. Hover your mouse over library and you'll see the tools section, click it!
    3. Find "Dota 2 workshop tools alpha" in the list of a lot of tools.
    4. Press install and let steam do it's trick!

    Will take some time there is a lot to install.
    To actually play you need to go to the dota 2 workshop and subscribe to the custom games modes you want to play.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    Warlock Brawl
    Pudge Wars
    Timbersaw Wars
    Custom Hero Survival
    Ancient Wars

    PM me if u vant to play!


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