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  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Basically no one is forced to participate however you may be strong-armed into believing that its the right thing to do. 

    First of all you are betting against the house, there will always be a winner and a looser.
    If the odds are stacked against you - the rewards are better.  
    Those that have offered to give up a few rares please feel free to contact our admin (Connor)
    I am really hoping that we will get a good response and have some fun with this.

    Basically it will cover the stages beginning in 2 days.
    Betting will take place on this forums in the relevant topics.
    If you post comes in too late (after the game starts) it will not be counted.

    Anyone interested in assisting in with the admin work of this please feel free to contact Connor or myself.

  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    yeah im on that, can also help out if you need
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    still dont understand how this works...
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:

    Step one...

    Find a game posted here that you want to bet on:
    Let say a playoff game: Team Liquid vs Virtus.pro

    You then place your bet - Team Liquid FTW and commit one rare (maximum/minimum bet)

    If they win you automatically win one random rare item from our chest (Held by a smurf account) 
    If you loose you will give us a rare dota 2 item - any from your inventory will do

    If you bet on Team Liquid and four others bet on Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid wins you will then get 4 rare items from the 'Smurf' (No trading between players allowed as that defeats the purpose and we will not be held responsible if they don't pay you)

    Also if you do not pay-up on a loss you will not be allowed to participate any further.

    Simple as long as bets are in before the time and you win, you are guaranteed a rare item.  You are betting against the house all the time however if the odds are stacked against you - you stand a chance at winning more.  

  • InsaneHobo
    InsaneHobo wrote:
    I think that if people refuse to pay-up they should be punished more severely than that.
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Well we cant exactly take them to a back room and break their legs until they pay up but we could find something... 

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