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  • Nero
    Nero wrote:
    Right now we have 4 gold players and myself as our gold team.


    So, we need a name...and uh a gold to replace me (working on it). For now any suggestions on the name?

  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    List of names:

    Clan Dream Team

    Clan Dreamy Team

    Clearly Dreamy Tossers

    Connor's Destructive Tirade

    We are actually kinda decent at LoL, Honest!

    The Pun Brigade (everyone then changes their name to recognizable puns)

    [SKULL] (stands for Science and Knowledge for our better Understanding of Learning-disabled Labradoodles)

    "Finally, out of bronze!" Team

    For our Bronze team(which I would be part of) what about this name:

    [Judge] Judgement Impaired Gaming
  • Nero
    Nero wrote:
    ...I'll take that into advisement.
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    You had better!
  • Jack
    Jack wrote:
    Team Names: The Love Triangle
    Wisdom Versus the World!
    League of Dreams
    Uhh im out of ideas
  • Tristan
    Tristan wrote:
    Carried by Alligator
    Wisdom Feeds a Lot
    From Detroit

  • Jack
    Jack wrote:
    W/e u gold 5 baddie l2p baddie n00b
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    Clearly Dreamy Tossers LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Just leave the CDT as it is... 

    What you need is an actual name to represent your team.

    Example: CDT :ToySoldiers (See what I did there)
  • Nero
    Nero wrote:
    Caesar get out of hear you noob.
  • ìCutFruit
    ìCutFruit wrote:
    Nero we don't all have to be gold ranked to be on that team. As long as you play like you deserve to be in gold, then the border trim matters not. I know you're highly capable, so I want you to be on the team. 

    Also, I agree with Rex in that we leave it as Clan Dream because that is what we are representing. I'm not part of this clan without reason, and I'm sure you're not here just to pass the time. So lets leave it at that, we have five people, and lets get ranked.
  • Connor BS
    Connor BS wrote:
    Do remember that's what the abbreviation is for [CDT], etc

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A Brief History: Clan Dream

Clan Dream was founded in 2009 by Caesar Rex and EvilGummyBear. Recruited into the Rome Total War Clan 'OTD' only a month apart they quickly became friends and formed an unlikely duo which they nicknamed the dream team. They reached the highest rank of Pendragon within a year and at that time they started looking outward. Trying something different. Breaking the mold as they say.
The Dream Team thus became the clans official name. Eventually it was changed to Clan Dream Team and then in 2015 it was shortened further to allow the community aspect to shine through.

A clan and community built on friendship and fun.

So sit back, enjoy the games; GLHF

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