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  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Please post your handle and your your service provider here.

    Also if you having problems keeping up with usage let me know

    Caesar Rex

  • CDT | Meth
    CDT | Meth wrote:
    Guys can we please have all South African Clan members send us details on their DSL ISP as well. We are looking at using our numbers at a specific ISP to get a game server for the clan.

    Thanks all.
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Caesar Rex

    4mb - with Telkom but I'm moving
  • Kr1mm1L
    Kr1mm1L wrote:

    4mb - Afrihost
  • Fudge
    Fudge wrote:

    Mweb - 4mb
  • SiQn3sS
    SiQn3sS wrote:
    Im with MTN uncapped.
    First 3gigs is faster than anything you have ever experienced :)
    But after that im shaped to download at 25kbps
    Im hoping to change back to telkom later this year just before my contract is done with MTN.
    In the meing time, im counting on using my 3gigs strictly for dota.
  • Gunsling3r
    Gunsling3r wrote:
    1mb Mweb at the moment. Moving to Webafrica 2mb end Feb
  • Phenixe
    Phenixe wrote:

    Telkom 4mb
  • Brave
    Brave wrote:
    Telkom Mobile / 8ta - 15Gb + 15Gb @ R399 (restricted to having Telkom Mobile signal available)

    Performance is good overall, reaching up to 1Mbps download

    Sometimes during downloads you'll experience a "dead zone" where your speed drops down to zero for a short while.

    TS + DOTA2 easily.
    Music Streaming (soundcloud.com) + DOTA2 is fair, small lag when a new song buffers (~15 seconds)

    Torrents are also spectacular.

    Network does feel burdened or shaped at times, although, it is bearable, it's rarely gone down since I've gotten it. (~6 months)
  • Wr[A]TH
    Wr[A]TH wrote:
    4MB - Afrihost
    10MB - Neotel
  • CDT | Meth
    CDT | Meth wrote:
    6mb Mweb Uncapped
    800mb Vodacom 3G which means Edge
  • Nintek
    Nintek wrote:
    10 mbps uncapped afrihost :)
  • Madjivi
    Madjivi wrote:
    with MTN uncapped,first 3 gigs epic....after that....garbage
  • K9
    K9 wrote:
    8ta 3G


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