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    I've found this cool post on Reddit...
    Dota Reddit
    • You can actively choose the targets which get attacked by Witchdoctors Ward, thus you could also deny yourself with it.
    • Elder Titans spirit can block Clockwerks hookshot and Miranas arrow
    • Weavers swarm can also block Clockwerks hookshot.
    • The sidelane shop does sell the Ring of Health, the Orb of Venom, the Energy Booster and the Blink Dagger. Also you can finish a Hood of Defiance from scratch.
    • Invokers Tornado aswell as Eul's Scepter of Divinity and the Cyclone skill of Brewmasters Storm Panda, purges certain buffs off enemies, also it will purge dust.
    • Voids Bash will deal double damage if the enemy stand in the Chronosphere.
    • Voids Chronosphere denies any Evasion for the captured units.
    • Voids Chronosphere reveals slark when he uses Shadow Dance.
    • Juggernauts Healing Ward will automatically follow you, but you can actively moved around like any other summon.
    • Juggernaut can attack while using Blade Fury and trigger any triggerable effects, he will deal zero attack damage to non-mechanical units though. This means he can still attack catapults and buildings for full damage while whirling.
    • Ursa is an agility hero.
    • Ursa will deal more damage from strength than agility after level 11.
    • Wisp is an strength hero.
    • Huskar is an strenght hero.
    • Windranger is an intelligence hero.
    • You get one hero of each attribute type in Single Draft.
    • If you go to Hero Performance in your Dota profile and click a hero's name you get all matches you played with that hero.
    • The dota logo is a draft of the map.
    • If you cast Kunkkas X Marks the Spot again, after you targeted yourself, a friendly or a enemy hero you can end it prematurely, at the cost of extra mana though.
    • Kunkkas Ghost Ship will douse allies that are within it's path in Kunkkas Rum. This buff will increase their movement speed by 10% and additionally will reduce any damage taken by 50%. The amount of damage that was reduced will be received after the buff ends though, but without killing you no matter how high it was.
    • Pressing down alt while hovering some skills and items will reveal additional information about them.
    • Alchemists Unstable Concoction deals physical damage, thus you can damage units that got magic immune while the concoction was mid air, without stunning them.
    • Slardars Slithereen Crush deals physical damage.
    • Slardars Bash deals physical damage in from of physical damage added to your attack and will through this steal life if you have life leech.
    • There is a visual clue for precise duration of OD's Astral Imprisonment. The inner red ring slowly expands over the duration of the spell. When it reaches the outer border of the effect, imprisonment ends
    • Also the same for Dazzles Shallow Grave. There is a ring around him that slowly starts to sink. When it hits the ground the spell is over.
    • North America is apperently part of Russia.
    • Teleporting through Teleport Scrolls will take additional time to channel if an ally or more teleported to th same location within the last 25 seconds. Each additional hero will increase the time further. Exception is the double tap casting back to the fountain and the Boots of Travel.
    • Teleporting with a Teleport Scroll will continue even when the targeted building is destroyed. Boot of Travel will not.
    • The animation color of the Teleport Scroll at the destination indicates the player that is coming in.
    • Elder Titans passive Natural Order will be super effective against stat based heroes like Morphling.
    • You can guide Death Prophets Ghosts to order a specific unit, by attacking that unit yourself.
    • The alchemist is actually the little goblin sitting on the back of the ogre servant.
    • The Gyrocopter is the flight contraption and the Pilot is Aurel.
    • Timbersaw is the automated suit and the goblin driver is Rizzrack.
    • You can dodge Zeus and Furions Ultimate by using smoke of deceit as long as there are no enemy heroes near you to reveal you. Also since the smoke invisibility got reworked you will not get revealed by Zeus Ultimate, while the area will still be highlighted. Link.
    • Aegis of the champions near the fountain. Link.
    • Razors Static Link works on illusions and you can drain yourself pretty easy to full damage if the enemy is not paying attention.
    • The Orb of venom displays a snake with the orb in it's mouth.
    • Vladmirs Offering give a percent damage buff.
    • Wraith Kings Vampiric Aura provides life leech to melee as well as ranged units.
    • Lifestealers Open Wounds provides life leech to melee attacks as well as magic damage sources.
    • Power Treads can be build with a Robe of the Magi and the Band of Elvenskin and not only with the Belt of Strength.
    • Beside the his standard skills your hero can also level up is basic stats by 2 points per skill point invested. The only exception is the Invoker, he will reveice stat boni from Wex, Quas and Exort.
    • The ingame Music changes depending on the situation you are in or which you are observing. Examples are team fights, Roshan fights and sudden ganks.
    • It's actually called ganking and not ganging.
    • Quelling Blade can not only chop trees but can also deal 100 damage to Wards. Pretty useful while dewarding.
    • Some skills and items will not interrupt channeling spells or teleporting when you use them. This works for all wind walk based skills: Clinkzs Skeleton Walk, Weavers Shukuchi, Nyxs Vendetta, Bounty Hunters Shadow Walk, Phantom Lancers Doppelwalk, Invokers Ghost Walk and the item Shadow Blade. The exceptions are Templar Assassins Meld and Sand Kings Sand Storm. Also you can use armlet, Timbersaws Whirling Death and Pudges Rot without interrupting channeling spells.
    • Windrangers Power Shot will still deal full damage if you release it after half the channling time.
    • You can lose attack focus of towers and creeps by attack forcing an allied unit several times.
    • If you cast spells or use other active items your Phaseboots buff will end prematurely.
    • The physical bodies of Tiny, Lina, Crystal Maiden, Invoker and OD are all "destroyed" when they die.
    • The mana gain form soul ring lasts 10 seconds. Also if your mana is already full, the additional mana will be added to your mana pool for the time being, effectivly increasing your maximum mana and making sure your didn't waste the use of soul ring.
    • Earth spirits Stone Remnants float in water.
    • Invisible heroes do show foot steps in the river water when they move.
    • You can draw the attack focus of enemy tower and creeps by order a direct attack on an enemy hero. This hero can be anywhere on the map.
    • Blink Dagger will only blink 4/5 of it's actual range (960 units) of you cast beyond the 1200 units or use the double tap to blink towards your fountain.
    • Kunkka has a "Torrent" skill because he's a "Pirate"
    • Mekanism on certain carry heroes improves their early potential by a lot. Such heroes can be Viper, Razor and Bristleback. This simply comes through the fact that these heroes get stronger the longer the fight will last.
    • Invokers Sunstrike deals pure damage.
    • Invokers EMP deals pure damage, if the target would die from the damage. Otherwise it counts as hp loss and thus will even damage heroes with magic immunity.
    • Naga Sirens Ultimate will not work on magic immune units, thus making them vulnerable in team fights when the rest of the team is asleep.
    • If you attack someone from uphill your enemies will receive a small uphill vision of the spot from where you attacked.
    • As a ranged hero attacking someone or something uphill will give them/it a higher ground bonus making you miss 25% of your attacks. Also known as Uphill Miss.
    • Pugna can decrepify his ward and Undyings Tombstone.
    • The spell immunity of the courier is the same mechanic as any other magic immunity, thus he can be targeted by certain spells with no effect and some with a heavy effect. Examples are: Lion can ulti the courier but deals zero damage, lina can do this too. Axe can use his ultimate on the courier and kill it. Beastmaster can stun the courier with his ultimate.
    • The agility attribute does not provide extra movement speed or evasion.
    • The Lone Druid gains a new skill in his bear form: Battle Cry, which provides bonus armor and damage to himself and his Spirit Bear.
    • Naga Siren can actively cancel her ultimate prematurely to "wake" enemies up again.
    • Drow Rangers Precision Aura can be cast actively to provide the bonus to non-hero ranged units.
    • Bane can, if sleeped by his own skill Nightmare end the nightmare by recasting it. He actually gains new skill called: Nightmare End, which replaces Nightmare for the time being asleep.
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    Cool, I didn't know a few of these! Nice find.

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