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  • CDT | Meth
    CDT | Meth wrote:
    Hi Guys/Gals,

    I am offering all the clan members of CDT cost price on all and any IT kit that I can supply. This is only for members and will not be supplied to anyone else.

    If you want something please just email me at steve#clearly-it.com remove the # and replace with @ and I will send you a quote.

    Please remember to send your address so we can calculate delivery as well as your CDT Clan name.

    Alternatively go and register at www.clearly-it.co.za and send me a mail notifying me that you registered so i can list your account under CDT.

    Happy Shopping.

    CDT | Meth
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Hope you guys make use of this.
    Great opportunity for all the ZA players
  • Wabbachlen
    Wabbachlen wrote:
    So cost price actually means that you are giving us the price you pay to get the item directly from producer? Basically as a reseller you are not making any profit am i correct?

  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Thats right... 
  • SneakyPhukingRussian
    Awesome caeser!!! thank You!!
  • Toe_Jam
    Toe_Jam wrote:
    Dont really feel comfortable giving out my id number with all the other info they require to register. how legit is this?
  • MGMT
    MGMT wrote:
    very legit, this is M3TH's company :)
  • CaesarRex
    CaesarRex wrote:
    Its a company and its pretty secure... 

  • Toe_Jam
    Toe_Jam wrote:
    just irregular that registration requires id number. but I trust you guys
  • SneakyPhukingRussian
    Just want You guys to know I got my new Corsair TX650 Modular PSU + HAF 912 Case very quickly. I ordered at 1pm and went to collect my goods at 2:30pm. Just want to thank meth for the awesome prices and service!! Now all I need is a nice cooler to do some OC!! 

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