Rome 2 and the Multiplayer campaign that is EGBear and Caesar - Part 2

Posted by CaesarRex on 10. Oct 2014

66 turns into the grand multiplayer event and its proving to be very different to its predecessor.

Egypt continues to expand west along the African coast taking town after town with only a few rebel miscreants causing any real threat. Very few could stand up to the Pharaohs might as even Carthage tumbles leaving the once great mediterranean powerhouse homeless with its coastal ports now as its only income. Sicily falling to a host of factions only to now fall prey to the pharaohs greed.

Meanwhile in Italia the province is plagued with troubles as the fledgling town of Rome is continuously threatened by unwashed barbarian hordes. Its borders never safe as a host of barbarian tribes from the Nori, Insubres, Helvitti and Veneti. Forever attacking the northern towns of Velathri and Ariminum. Not to mention the latest slave uprising representing the few hundred slaves across the republic.

With its armies diminished, Rome does not seem to be able to defend herself any further, it will take an act of god to save them now. Meanwhile Egypt creeps closer in its effort to expand the Pharaohs will on every nation.


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  • MGMT

    nice :D

    08 October 2014

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