New Corsair Vengance RGB Series.

Posted by CDT | P-Mac on 27. Sep 2014

Hey guys! P-Mac here reviewing my newest keyboard, the Corsair K70 RGB. 

When this keyboard was announced I was very excited to see what Corsair had to offer, this being the first true 16.8 million color mechanical keyboard it was sure to be something quite spectacular. 

You can find the full specs for this keyboard listed on Corsairs website here:

What I didn't expect was the Panasonic LED display controller allowing for such deep customization of your keyboard. This goes past just having 16.8 million colors and into an animated keyboard with the beautiful feel of Cherry MX switches. 

Here are a couple of videos of the first few custom lighting effects that I was able set up.

Custom Keyboard lighting!

Disco on my keyboard!

While the lighting effects overshadow the actual design of this keyboard, it has a very nice steel back plate that gives it a nice weight and the low bezzle shows off the lighting effects very nicely. 

I give this keyboard an overall 8/10 for a few reasons: 


Lighting effects are amazing and easy to use with the profile customization software provided by Corsair. 

Very nice feel, the overall weight and comfort ability make this keyboard stand out while the cherry MX switches make it very tactile and responsive.

Price, for $149 American, you'd be hard pressed to find a standard mechanical keyboard or a non-mech with the same features. 


While the entire keyboard is programmable, I find the lack of macro keys to be a bit of a hindrance for certain types of gaming applications.

No USB HUB. I enjoy having a HUB for USB devices, like a dongle for wireless mouse or USB mounted portable drives. The fact that this keyboard doesn't have one is a bit disappointing but not that big of a deal. 



  • CaesarRex

    Nice review... Looks good but the lack of Macro Keys is a big let down. That would almost suit a non-gamer!!!

    27 September 2014
  • MGMT


    30 September 2014

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