Posted by CaesarRex on 14. Feb 2014

Some one thousand seven hundred and twenty odd days ago a few people got together to discuss the forming of The Dream Team.  

I personally can not remember what was said but I do know that a few people and by people I mean DeathAwaits, Proxzee and Nero were pushing us (EvilGummyBear and myself) to leave our cushy positions as Pendragons and start TDT.  Given that it was my idea.

One of the main instigators was Nero and I cannot thank him enough for we would not be here today if it was not for them.  4 Years, 8 months and 18 days ago we started this journey.  Its time you had your name there with the rest of them.

Clan Dream - I present to you your new Nightmare: Nero.

Welcome to the dark side.



  • Nero

    Thanks caesar. :D ty chlen as well you dirtbag. :)

    14 February 2014
  • Jigglypuffff

    Congrats Nero! Also some nostalgia in there Caesar :P

    14 February 2014
  • CaesarRex

    I remember some of the talking points of that evening.

    14 February 2014
  • MGMT

    respect nero!

    14 February 2014
  • proxzee

    aww i got a mention :P

    12 March 2014
  • Wabbachlen

    Looking forward to my promotion... xD

    29 April 2014

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A Brief History: Clan Dream

Clan Dream was founded in 2009 by Caesar Rex and EvilGummyBear. Recruited into the Rome Total War Clan 'OTD' only a month apart they quickly became friends and formed an unlikely duo which they nicknamed the dream team. They reached the highest rank of Pendragon within a year and at that time they started looking outward. Trying something different. Breaking the mold as they say.
The Dream Team thus became the clans official name. Eventually it was changed to Clan Dream Team and then in 2015 it was shortened further to allow the community aspect to shine through.

A clan and community built on friendship and fun.

So sit back, enjoy the games; GLHF


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